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In Japan, a country of traditions, respectful of ancestral customs, cherry blossoms are venerated. This gives the opportunity to admire in early April cherry blossoms at the foot of Mount Fudji, for others at Osaka Castle surrounded by beautiful cherry trees. It is also an opportunity to have a picnic after having taken refuge at the Todai-Ji temple which houses a huge golden bronze statue of Buddha and surrounded by sumptuous cherry blossoms.

On the bank of the Sumida River in Tokyo, the show of cherry blossoms is absolutely superb and it is also an opportunity for the  Hanami celebration.

Hanami means – “go see cherry blossoms”. The cherry blossoms represent a rebirth, the youth a pleasant moment prone to serenity.

Finally, the fragrance of the cherry blossoms brings the senses to life and that’s why I made a composition with fusing chords that transport in a universe full of joys.

I present you my new creation –  ESPRIT DE SAKURA

Top notes:

Cherry – Freesia – Cassis

Heart notes:

Cherry blossoms – Lily of the valley

Background notes:

Rosewood – Ambergris – White Musk

Perfumer Lynne de R.

50 ml.

Weight350 g



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